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Project title: Olympic hopes"

Project Title: "Sport for Children and Youth: Fostering Development and Strengthening Cooperation in Cross Border Area - Olympic hopes"

HR Applicant's name: Water polo club JUG
Partner 1: City of Dubrovnik Development Agency - DURA
The amount of EU grant: 50.628,60 €

MNE Applicant's name: Swimming and water polo club JADRAN
Partner 1: Water polo club PRIMORAC
Partner 2: Water polo club - Water polo Academy CATTARO
The amount of EU grant: 66.037,50 €

Total project value 143.545,72 €


Fostering development and strengthening cooperation in cross border area was the main idea of the project ''Olympic hopes''. The aims was promote sport as a tool for reintegration of children, youth and people in the cross border area, to support good neighboring relations among younger generations through sport and education and to establish permanent contacts between water polo clubs from Dubrovnik Neretva County and Montenegrin Coast. Implemented action was an excellent opportunity to achieve two very important goals: to support interaction of children and youth in water polo from the cross border area in order to increase talent-building opportunities for them and to help them create contacts and connections through sport which will help them to overcome barriers in communication such as prejudices, caution and intolerance. Since water polo is one of the most valuable and evidentially most successful common tradition of the Programe area, Dubrovnik Neretva County and the Montenegrin Coast (and also in Croatia and Montenegro in general) this tradition was used in order to bring children and youth together and help them increase awareness on the benefits of cross border cooperation and development through sport.

In order to improve cooperation of institutions and partners on professional knowledge exchange in water polo, applicants and partners held 6 partner's meetings every two months where were discussed, jointly prepared and organized all project activities. This activity positively influenced not only in setting up of regular communication, contact and cooperation but it also increased technical and managerial capacities of targeted water polo groups and their knowledge on EU procedures and standards in project implementation. Project meetings were held by the system of rotation in all targeted locations and hosted by all partners, once at least.

The Tournament ''Olympic Hopes'' together with Youth Water Polo Cross Border Campus for children and youth from the cross border area was organized with an aim to improve skills, cutting edge techniques and understanding of different concepts of game and team play for members of water polo clubs Jadran, Primorac, Cattaro, Budva and Jug. The Tournament ''Olympic Hopes'' was dedicated to children and youth from five water polo clubs from the cross border area: Jadran from Herceg Novi, Primorac and Cattaro from Kotor, Budva from Budva and Jug from Dubrovnik.

The Youth Water Polo Cross Border Campus's for children and youthwas in Herceg Novi from 13th to 17th June 2013 and it gathered 125 children and youth, 10 coaches and 5 project team members from targeted area. This activity was carried out in order to provide youth interaction both in the pool and during the free time within the Campus. This interaction influenced positively prejudice among participants towards each other, which was confirmed through the evaluations where the most of participants stated that hanging around and spending time with other participants was one of the best things on Campus. Also, this Campus increase children's water polo skills, teach cutting edge technique and advance players' understanding of game concepts and team play increased.

In order to increase awareness among children and youth of the benefits of cross border cooperation, applicants have foreseen organization of ''European Open Day''within the Campus for children, yoth and media from cross border area. During the Youth Water Polo Cross Border Campus (Fifth Day) which will take place in Herceg Novi, project team organized European Open Day at the venue of the Campus. EU Day includes two sessions on following topics: European Union and cross border cooperation and Sport oriented projects funded by EU.

In order to increase capacities of employees in the targeted water polo clubs, WC Jug organized 3 days seminar on ''Sports Coaching techniques''for coaches from water polo clubs Jadran, Primorac, Cattaro, Budva and Jug in order to increase their capacities for providing higher quality of youth participation in this sport, as well as 3 days seminar for water polo coaches on ''Sports Management and Marketing'' for management of the targeted water polo clubs in order to increase their capacities for dealing with challenges in operating and financing public sport facilities in times of economic crisis, in encouraging volunteering and promoting sports participation to improve public health.

Added value as well as synergy with other relevant actions was the fact that both National Water Polo Federations, as authorized public institutions, joined the organization of these seminars. Namely, Montenegrin Federation even issued working licences for the coaches that attended the seminars.

In order to tacle the lack of investments in water polo this project was used to provide basic water polo equipment for children and youth from water polo clubs Jug, Jadran, Primorac, Cattaro and Budva necessary for their every day work: water polo balls, swim suits, caps and towels. The equipment was procured by WC Jug and equally divided among 5 water polo clubs. Water polo club Jug procured following equipment for children and youth: 100 balls (20 balls per each water polo club: Jug, Jadran, Primorac, Cattaro and Budva); 10 sets of caps (2 sets of caps per each water polo club); 350 towels (70 towels per each water polo club) and 350 swim suits (70 swim suits per each water polo club).

Also, held Kick off and Closing Conference, produced set of promotional materials, published three promotional billboards and issued numerous media information during the project implementation.


Fifth partner meeting was held on 25 February 2014 in the premises of project partner DURA in Dubrovnik. Partners discussed the details of the organization of final conference, continuation of the project and amplification of the EU financing visibility and overall visibility of the project.


Fourth partner meeting was held on 26 November 2013 in the premises of Water polo club Jadran in Herceg Novi. Partners discussed project activities and continuation of cooperation throught the preparation of the application that will be submitted within 3rd Call for Proposals based on the previous experience.


Water polo club Jug organized two seminars whose goal was to gather coaches of younger water polo players as well as managers of the clubs that participate in the project in order to discuss subjects related to improvement of water polo throughout lectures and participation at round tables, with the accent on working with youth. Participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the aspects of physical preparation of younger water polo players. Special attention was paid to familiarizing coaches with sports injuries and their consequences. Part of the seminar dealt with the role of psychologist in work with coaches, athletes and parents. Furthermore, the best Croatian referees gave the lecture on new rules that were brought couple of months ago and these rules will be applied in competitions that will be held within this project in the upcoming period.



Third partner meeting was held on 19 September 2013 in the premises of Water polo club Primorac, at the winter pool, in Kotor. Representatives of beneficiaries and partners were present. Topics of the discussion related mostly to technical conditions of the competition and details of the organization of the upcoming coaches and managers seminars.


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